Revit Basic Course

About This Course


Revit Basic Course

Course No: DDGTR01

Course Language: English

Course Length: 240 Hours

Course Syllabus


  • Revit
  • Opening a new project
  • Opening collaborative team project
  • Introducing the interface
  • Navigating a project’s views
  • Choosing a template file

  • Setting up levels and grids
  • Working with walls
  • Understanding dimensions
  • Adding doors and windows
  • Modify the design
  • Loading families
  • Creating ceilings and lights
  • Exploring additional modelling tools

  • Creating a section
  • Working with 3D views
  • Editing in any view
  • Colour scheme diagram
  • Visibility
  • Creating an enlarged floor plan

  • Dimensioning a plan
  • Creating tags
  • Customizing tags
  • Adding a schedule view
  • Customizing a schedule view
  • Creating a construction detail
  • Path of travel

  • Importing a CAD file
  • Importing an image file
  • Linking another Revit file
  • Performing an interference check

  • Working with sheets
  • Plotting a set of documents
  • Exporting the model
  • Generating a cloud rendering

Why Should You Attend the Course?

This course is a must for any individual or fresher to gain good understanding of basic of BIM and to progress to advanced certificate courses in BIM engineering technology.



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