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Be Sure You Have the Right BIM Partner

BIM or Building Information Modeling has become an inevitable part of the construction industry. Compiling information on all the aspects of any building has many benefits. The entire lifecycle of a project can be traced using BIM. Today BIM has achieved a great significance and outsourcing has become common. As the demand for BIM grows, lot of companies is mushrooming and it will be difficult to choose the best BIM partner. The question is how companies can identify the best BIM partner.

The right application of BIM can only be carried out by a professional with proper skills and right understanding of its concepts. DDG BIM is one of the trusted BIM service providers in India. BIM is a challenge and not every company can do it efficiently. Here are some questions that should be considered before choosing your BIM partner.

Do they have experience?

Choosing a company for outsourcing BIM should pass the first test, that is, experience. Experience of the company helps to understand about their past projects. The success level of the company can be accurately analysed by analyzing the already done projects. By browsing through the company’s social media, going through the case study etc. can give a clear idea about how capable they are. We are one of the best BIM service providers in India.

Do they have expertise in software?

Since BIM can be developed in different software, it is not necessary that every company will be proficient with all software. As the company availing services, it is mandatory to make sure that they have the expertise with your preferred software.

Do they ensure timeliness?

Timely completion of models should be ensured when it comes to choosing a BIM company. Sticking to deadlines is very important. Our BIM coordination services are well known and we ensure timeliness. Checking if the company is competent enough to deliver the services in time is something that should be never left out. The opinions of the clients and user reviews can be checked to determine the punctuality of the clients.

Do they have professional accreditation?

Checking the professional accreditations and quality control of the company is necessary. Inorder to create precise models by avoiding errors, it is necessary to have high quality. Having accreditation ensures that the company has set some standard. It is an assurance that the company’s principles are upto the mark.

What is their rate?

The hourly ate and the bottom line cost should be known to you before you entrust your project to the concerned company. The cost varies depending upon the expertise of the company, the difficulty of projects, time taken for delivery of the project etc. since BIM is not an easy job, and the price charged will be equal to the effort. Being one of the leading BIM service providers in India, we charge according to our services. So don’t get cheated by those who offer services for a lower rate.